There are certain occasions that you want to make it memorable. Whether it’s a prom night, an anniversary, a birthday party, or just a special get-together, there are things you can do to make special occasions really pop.

It’s not just important to pick the best restaurant in town, to wear the best clothes, or get the best haircut possible. Sometimes people can spend weeks planning for one night and will never come away satisfied. If you put a little extra planning into the evening, your significant other will appreciate it.


For a special birthday party, there are a couple of things you can do. One is to give a gift for each hour you’re awake during the day. You can start small and then work your way up to the big present at the end of the day. To mix it up, you can have “12 days of gifts” before a birthday and give a gift each day leading up to it. Again, start out small, and then save the best for last.

For a child’s birthday, it’s always good to take them to their favorite restaurant or to have a theme party at home. If you want to kick it old school, you can always have their party at a roller-skating rink and order some pizza.


A great idea for a wedding or date anniversary is to rent a limo and take your significant other on a tour of “firsts.” You can start by taking the limo to where you first met. After that, visit the spot where you shared your first kiss. To close the date, you can visit the place where you first said I love you to each other. There is nothing more romantic than revisiting what made you fall in love with each other. Plus, using a limo service is a great way to ride in style and be comfortable at the same time.

Proposals (Prom or Wedding)

There are a lot of different ways to propose marriage to the one that you love. There are also plenty of creative ways to ask that special someone to prom with you. Our favorite way to propose for either one is to do a scavenger hunt. Leaving clues and finding leads along the way adds anticipation and excitement. Here are a few different scavenger hunt ideas that could prove useful for you if you’re considering a special proposal.

We hope that your special day is one that you’ll always remember fondly. If Pearl Limousine can accommodate you on any of your big ideas, contact us at 1-320-251-1101. We have many different limousine options for many different occasions. Pearl Limousine is luxury on wheels for your special event!