Valentine’s Day is nearing again, and as simple as it might seem to get your loved one a giant teddy bear and a box of chocolates, we’re betting they would appreciate something a bit more personal. To help you out this year, we’ve compiled a few creative ideas to woo your Valentine:

Cook for Them (or Together)

Looking for something other than a night on the town? Spend a romantic night cooking a new recipe together, or create a one-of-a-kind meal for your loved one. Spruce up the old dining room table with some homemade confetti or DIY decorations.

Make Your Own Card

Even something as simple as a piece of paper with a heart and your signature is more personal than any store-bought card. Tie in things that represent your significant other, such as an inside joke, or a line from a movie that is special to the two of you. You’ll have them at hello.

Write Special Notes

A card is a good idea, but a special note or series of notes will show your better half that you put even more work into your DIY gift. Use a deck of cards and write 52 reasons why you love them. If they get up in the morning before you, fill the bathroom with post-it notes. Check out this Huffington Post article for some unique note ideas.

Make a Playlist

In the old days, they’d call this a “mixtape”, but since you don’t see very many John Cusack types holding boom boxes on lawns anymore, modernize it by creating a playlist. If your S.O. has iTunes, this is as simple as creating a playlist and sending it as a gift. (Find the instructions here.) Get creative with the songs. They don’t even need to be romantic, as long as they mean something special to the two of you.

Take Them to a Special Location

Sure, french restaurants are nice, but what do they say about your relationship? Chances are good that your mate would much rather have a cozy picnic in the park or moonlit hike than an impersonal dinner in a crowded restaurant. Pro tip: if your special friend is the type who likes luxury, go out a few days before or after Valentine’s Day when the restaurant is bound to be less packed and more intimate.


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Looking for even more creative ways to say I love you? Buzzfeed has some truly inspired ideas – check them out here.